Demi Lovato: No Filter, No Edit
September 6, 2019
Laura Lee

Demi Lovato has been an advocate for body positivity for many years now, and thankfully, she isn’t slowing down. Yesterday, Lovato took to Instagram to share an unedited photo of herself in a bikini, showing off her cellulite. Lovato said the photo represents “her biggest fear,” and boy do I understand.

“A photo of me in a bikini unedited. And guess what, it’s CELLULIT!!!!,” Lovato wrote in the caption. The songstress went on to add how tired she is of “being ashamed” of her body and also to admit that she edited previous photos. She wrote: “I’m just literally sooooo tired of being ashamed of my body, editing it (yes the other bikini pics were edited – and I hate that I did that but it’s the truth).”

“I want this new chapter in my life to be about being authentic to who I am rather than trying to meet someone else’s standards. So here’s me, unashamed, unafraid and proud to own a body that has fought through so much and will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day,” Lovato went on to write.

As you may already know, I battled with my body image for years on end.  To this day, I find myself struggling with this matter. I guess it is something you never stop fighting. Instagram specifically is a big trigger for me- seeing all these perfect people having the time of their lives, while I can barely look at myself in the mirror.

Lovato concluded her post writing: “I hope to inspire someone to appreciate their body today too.” Mission accomplished! You inspired me today, actually, you inspired me for years now. Your bravery and your willingness to discuss not only the good, to be raw and speak the truth. So, thank you, Demi Lovato, for continuously inspiring me and for leading with example. It is very appreciated.

You can view Lovato’s inspiring post here.

Getty Images/ FilmMagic/ Axelle/Bauer-Griffin

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