Developing Understanding in Friendship
March 6, 2023
Alexandra Wade

Friendship is a charming and peculiar kind of relationship. Your friends are the people you get to enjoy your life with, the people you call when you are in need, with whom you share laughter, joy, tough times, etc. Friendship is such a precious and worthy relationship since it is the foundation for all other relationships because we learn so much from our friends. Our friends teach us about selflessness, how to respect and love someone, how to be honest with ourselves and our relations, and much more, but the most important aspect of maintaining friendship is understanding.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/ Flashpop

One must understand the other in this pure connection. Since friendship is about getting to know someone deeper, a true friend must understand his friend’s unspoken feelings. A genuine friend must understand his friends’ silence. Although there is no sound louder than silence, but only those who truly understand you and are honest with you can hear it. If you rely on your friends, especially during tough times, they must understand you, the “what” and “why” component of you.

Understanding is a crucial component of friendship that proves to be helpful, especially through difficult times. As a result, it is critical to develop understanding. These are some of the ways to build understanding. Firstly, when a friend shares something with you, instead of being judgmental, get interested in why they believe the way they do and what influence this has on them. Try to focus on them and their story rather than how you feel about what they’re saying. Secondly, build empathy in your friendship since it is essential for developing understanding. Put yourself in your friend’s shoes and try to understand why they are feeling this particular way. Furthermore, try to listen beyond words while your friend is telling you their story. Attempt to concentrate on different aspects of the story that maybe your friend hasn’t even considered. Additionally, make yourself available to them, especially during difficult times, and constantly attempt to learn more about them to help them feel more at ease and happy.

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