Dinner With An Ex
January 19, 2020
Alexandra Wade

Recently, me and one of my oldest friends kissed each other. That kiss led to a short-lived fling, and while he wanted more, I was too hurt by him to carry on with it. So, when I made that decision, he returned to his hometown, where he started a new job. I haven’t heard from him since. My problem?┬áHe is flying in for business and has asked me to dinner.

I’ve thought endlessly on whether I should agree or not. I couldn’t help but picture every possible scenario; I fantasized about him telling me he still wants me, that this time he isn’t leaving without me. I dwelled on every issue; what I am going to wear, the perfume I am going to use, the restaurant we will dine at.

See, after he went away and I rejected his offer, I began having second thoughts. I started second-guessing my rejection, and just around the time I started wondering what would have happened if, he texted me. His text came as a complete surprise, as he was ignoring my calls and texts in the months before that.

Despite all that, I still wonder if I should even meet with him. I am afraid I won’t know how to act, and won’t behave like myself. I feel like I lost perspective thining of how I could earn him back.

I wish that by the time of our meeting, I would figure out my plan and course of action. I want to be completely sure of what I am going to do and be at peace with it. I promise to update you on all the developments. Wish me luck.

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