Discovering Your Style
September 12, 2022
Laura Lee

You may not have thought of this before but you start in the world of fashion from the time you are born. Yes, that’s right but let us explain. You see, when you are bored, your parents pick out your outfits up until you are able to do it yourself. Some people start exploring fashion on their own at different ages. With that said, there are a number of different things that may influence your style. This includes celebrities, pop culture, your age, and culture to mention a few. Even though you have these influences discovering your style can sometimes be a long and complex journey.

With the fashion industry being around for so many years, you may think that all you have to do is follow what designers put out and call it a day. This is where you are wrong. Fashion trends are actually inspired by people and even the seasons. With that said, the fashion pieces designers create should act as a blueprint for your personal style. The same can be said if you like the style of a celebrity. You should simply be using these fashion insights as inspiration. With that said, the first step to discovering your style begins with you.

Getty Images/Maskot/Maskot

Seeing that your personal style is all about you, it is only fitting that the first and only step to discovering your style starts and ends with you. You can discover your style but look at your interests. Looking at what your interests or hobbies are is the perfect place to start. You will notice that no matter what your interests or hobbies are, there is always fashion involved in it. For example, if you like listening to Taylor Swift, you may like what she wears from time to time but you may also want to tailor it to yourself. It really is that easy.

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