Ditch The Bad Friends
November 26, 2018
Claire Miles

Your time, your life, your space is precious, and you do not owe it to anyone. Relationships must be developed, worked on, and most importantly – earned.  To give someone that special place in your life, it must been seen as sacred, to both of you.

To give someone the honor of taking time out of life is something that can’t be taken back. So be careful about who you give it to, and make sure not to waste it on anyone that isn’t worthy of it.

The best thing you can do for yourself it to ditch the people who make your life toxic. These people are only considered about themselves. Time after time, they only continue to prove themselves to be unworthy, and that they can’t be counted on. Even when given the chance to change, they always somehow fall back into their old ways.

You gave them enough chances, you’ve given them everything you could have, but now it’s time to let them go, and stop them from continuing to let you down and to hurt you.

You do not owe people anything, especially not those who treat you with dishonesty. Start standing up for yourself, and attract those that bring you up into your life, not those that bring you down.

A friendship will never thrive if there isn’t a foundation of trust and respect for one another. You deserve friends who will be there for you through thick and thin, and that will always support the things that are important to you. You deserve friends that will push you to chase your dreams, and help however they can.

People need to earn that special place in your life.

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