Divine Supervision Incorporates the Holy Bible Into Beautiful Necklaces
September 26, 2021
Jade Kerr

Created to inspire people to embrace their inherent goodness, Divine Supervision is a unique jewelry brand. Using nanotechnology, the company is able to engrave the entire Holy Bible into a tiny microchip, which is then placed in beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry.

Incorporated with a New Testament nanochip, each and every Divine Supervision piece is designed to supervise good fortune in your home and surround you with protective supervision wherever you go. The Holy Bible, as the brand explains, is an international symbol of common ground and a source of goodwill that represents a shared foundation that has the power to bring everyone closer – each in their own unique individual style.

Each Divine Supervision collection has been designed for a purpose. The connection between emotion and faith served as inspiration for the Divine Emotions collection, which comes in five delicate designs. Their Divine Cross collection, the brand explains, was designed to serve as a connection between the necklace wearer, the Holy Bible, and the cross. And lastly, with four different saint designs, their Divine Saints collection offers Saint Michael, Saint Christopher, Saint Joseph and Saint Anthony necklaces.

Every piece comes with a special message card that explains the significance of the specific pendant. There are three finish options – 18k gold, silver and rose gold – and customers can also choose between the English version (King James) and the Greek version (Textus Receptus) of the New Testament.

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