Do As I Say
August 17, 2020
Claire Miles

I always tell people that they should love themselves. I tell them that they are worthy, beautiful, and deserving of all the beautiful things this world has to offer. I tell them how they should never settle for anything that is beneath them, anything that makes them feel less than. When I tell people these things, I mean them, with all my heart. I truly want people to find love and happiness and not lose themselves in the process. But while I say all these things, I can’t seem to practice them at my own home.

I have trouble standing in front of the mirror and seeing my best self in the reflection. When someone compliments me, it is hard for me to accept it. I feel like I don’t deserve any praise, like when people see something good in me, they are wrong. I shrug off my accomplishments and successes as if they’re not a big deal or a fluke and make excuses for those who have wronged me or broke my heart. I don’t know why I do this, but I do.

Even though I am always there for those around me, and even for people that I don’t know, but I can’t implement it in my life. If you are the type of person that I am, you know what I am talking about. You are there for them when they need advice – you are the one people can always approach. When they struggle with sadness or despair, they come to you. You are the one that is there to remind others of their worth, one that reminds them of what it means to love and take care of yourself. Now, it’s time to take your advice; to practice what you preach. It’s time to finally know your worth, and believe in yourself. You need to look out for you.

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