Do Squats Work?
March 14, 2023
Laura Lee

When it comes to working on your glutes, squats are by far the most recommended exercise. Squats are so popular that there are a number of different types of squats you can actually do. But as someone who is into health and fitness, you may be wondering if it actually works. Yes, seeing it all over the internet may make you believe that this is exactly how people get their tones glutes. But we all know that we can’t always believe what we see on the internet. This brings us to our point. Here we look into if squats actually work or not.

Getty Images/EyeEm/ Jordan Beal

The first thing you need to know about whether or not squats actually work is that all exercises give everyone different results. What works for one person may not work for you and vice versa. You should also know that the way in which you do the squat also plays an important role in getting any results. This speaks to your form and a fitness professional can help you perfect your form. With that said, squats do actually work. Yes, you read that right, squats do work. They can actually help you firm up your glutes but that’s not all.

There are a number of different muscles in your glutes that get activated with different squats. This is why people do them. Now you should know how many reps you do of the squat and your form while doing the squat will greatly impact your results. You should also know that you will become accustomed to squatting with your body weight, so you might need to add some resistance or weights to your workout routine. It is best to consult a fitness professional for a more tailored approach to squats so you get the most out of it.

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