Does Happiness Mean Always Putting Yourself First?
August 3, 2018
Claire Miles

So they claim that all you really need in life is happiness, to have good memories and to laugh a lot. What if though, you have all of the happiness in the world, but someone else is crying as they see you? What if it kills someone else to see you so happy?

When it comes to love, there is no right or wrong and it’s the same case when it comes to love. Sometimes, happiness requires sacrifice. ¬†Would it still make you happy to know that someone is getting hurt because you didn’t choose them.

Is putting yourself first mean that you are choosing happiness, even if it comes with the knowledge that you’re killing someone else inside? Isn’t life about giving, rather than just talking? Isn’t life more meaningful when your are mindful of your actions and how you effect those around you in the universe we all share?

Well, yes, but sometimes we have to give up on the things that are hard to let go, because we know it’s the right thing to do. You deserve much more than being a temporary filler to someone else’s happiness.

Happiness, is then perhaps reached when we know that we aren’t hurting anyone, whether or not it be intentional. It’s perhaps having the reassurance that you’re not getting anything fake from anyone, and that you accept the reality in front of you.

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