Don’t Let It Stop You
March 7, 2021
Laura Lee

Doubt is a natural part of life. We doubt other people’s intentions, other people’s aspirations, and ourselves. As mentioned, doubting yourself is completely normal. However, when we overthink and hesitate – self-doubt is one of the main reasons why we fail. You are the only reason why you fail. When you let self-doubt cast a shadow over your dreams and ideas. It was American lawyer Mel Robbins who said: “Doubting yourself is normal. Letting it stop you is a choice.” And that couldn’t be any more accurate.

We often tend to be our worst critics. We overanalyze every decision that we make and give ourselves criticism for every move. But being too harsh on yourself won’t get you far. You must learn to be compassionate and patient with yourself. Stop pretending to be an expert at everything and embrace a learning mind. Overthinking and overanalyzing everything drives you away from your decisions and from taking risks. A life in which we only take the easy and safe way is not a life worth living. We must take risks from time to time.

The opposite of self-doubt is, of course, self-confidence. Unlike what most people think, it’s not a chip that comes implanted into your body. Confidence is a skill you build through action. To enhance your confidence, you must develop a new mindset while also taking action. If you feel afraid to take the first step, follow the five-second-rule. Instead of staying silent or becoming paralyzed by overthinking, practice everyday courage. Count down 5–4–3–2–1, then act brave. You just need five seconds to make a decision. As you are counting down, use this technique to beat your inner-fear. Take a deep breath and jump into action. Be open to learning, be open to possibilities and other voices – not just the logic one, quiet your inner critic, fall in love with yourself. When you embrace and are confident of your true identity, there is no room for self-doubt.

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