Don’t Let Them Play With Your Head
June 4, 2020
Jade Kerr

When I was in high school, and even later on in my adult life, everything managed to affect me. Anything someone would tell me I would immediately take to heart and would consider it absolute truth.  As you can probably assume, it took its toll on me, and I went through hard times. It was so easy to play with my mind ad shake my ground. I remember, for example, something that happened when I was in junior year. I was studying for a big test in meth, and about two days before the test, after much preparation, I was finally convinced I was ready. However, that evening, when I expressed that to my mother, she told me that while that’s great, I should give one last push and study more for the test. Now, I understand that what my mother said wasn’t intended to hurt me, but back then, it did. I took it as her telling me I wasn’t ready, and I let it shake me.

via Unsplash

As a result, I started to panic. Nothing seemed to work anymore, and I felt stuck. It shook my belief in myself and my abilities – it eroded me. That wasn’t only limited to school, however. As I said before, anything anyone told me, about whatever subject, managed to shake me and affect me. I was so sensitive to everything people told me, and I couldn’t carry on living that way. I knew something had to change, that something must be done. I tried to dig deep and search for the root of my issue. After much reflection, I realized my problem stemmed from my insecurities and lack of self-esteem. If I were to work on this issue, I would have to gain back confidence and belief in myself. I would have to know my worth. This is a matter I still work on to this day, and I’m happy to say I’m at a much better place today. Please, don’t let others undermine you and your worth. Believe in yourself.

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