Don’t Make A Mistake, Disinfect
June 28, 2020
Laura Lee

Considering that the coronavirus has been proven to survive on surfaces, it’s safe to assume you, like me, have been disinfecting the high-touch surfaces in your home more often. While you may feel safe with your current routine, researchers are quick to point out that many of us are making a single mistake that prevents us from actually killing coronavirus in our homes. A video produced by the American Chemical Society explains that not using enough disinfectant, which allows the product to do its job, can leave harmful coronavirus particles behind.



George Zaidan, the host of the video mentioned above, explained it, saying that the key is to use enough disinfectant to saturate the whole surface. “Don’t just moisten a surface,” Zaidan advises. According to Zaidan, the surface has to be fully wet for it to be effective. Meaning you’ll probably have to use more disinfectant spray than you’re used to from now on. The reasoning behind it is that when you spray a disinfectant, the spray nozzle distributes droplets of various sizes onto the surface. When the larger drops land on the surface, coronavirus and other harmful viruses and bacteria will die. However, this is not the case in the areas between those larger droplets. The liquid doesn’t spread out as we would imagine but instead creates little pools of disinfectant, separated by dry, infected spaces in between. Using enough disinfecting spray to cover the entire surface area helps in avoiding this problem because every bit of the virus will come in direct contact with the product.


In the video, Zaidan also advises to pre-clean surfaces with soap and water before disinfecting. Zaidan warns that dirt particles can serve as an “umbrella” that can shield coronavirus and other harmful viruses and bacteria from disinfectant products. Without direct contact between the two, coronavirus can continue to survive. Pre-cleaning would allow that contact to happen. So, the next time you disinfect a surface in your home, make sure that you’re generous with how much product you use. Also, spend a few extra minutes to scrub the surface down with soap and water. Only when the whole surface is wet with disinfectant, you can wipe it down again. Please remain safe and healthy.


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