Don’t Stop Making Mistakes
December 5, 2020
Claire Miles

We all make mistakes – it’s an inevitable part of everyday life. Some mistakes are minor and can have minimum impact, while others can be life-changing. Throughout most of my life, I was terrified of making a mistake – of any kind. I think it started back in high school. I made a terrible mistake that resulted in a massive fight with my best friend at the time. Back then, it felt like my world was falling apart, so I vowed that I would never make another mistake. Of course, as I wrote before, we cannot escape it. So, instead, I adapted a careful behavior to avoid making as many mistakes as possible. I was hesitant about every move I made, every word I said, every decision I made – it was all calculated. I acted this way for a few years before I realized that this is no way to live and that some changes had to be made.

See, you can’t live your life looking behind your shoulder, thinking endlessly about every decision you make. It’s exhausting. I couldn’t do it to myself anymore. So, I looked back at some of the mistakes I made throughout my life, and I came to an important realization. Yes, mistakes are harsh, and their consequences can be devastating. However, I learned that it isn’t the mistakes that define us, but how we deal with them. Do we give in to our fears and mistakes, or do we get up and move on? Mistakes build us, they help us grow stronger and mature – mistakes are crucial. We learn from our mistakes, grow from them. I learned that mistakes are important for growth and that not only are they inevitable, but they are also extremely important. So, I let go. I am ready to make mistakes and evolve from them. Here I go.

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