Double Standards To Never Put Up With
July 17, 2018
Claire Miles

I don’t consider myself a feminist, nor do I consider myself an anti-feminist, however, I still believe that there are far too many double standards when it comes to female-male relationships. All of these standards and beliefs are NOT facts of life, they are just things that we all decided should be followed, and it’s not okay.

For one, the belief that guys should always confess their feelings first is so not fair. People are constantly breaking up because they are not properly communicating what they really want to each other. Everyone should feel open to share their feelings. It’s perfectly fine to be the first to say I love you. 

Then there’s the double standard that your male partner can have female friends, but you as a female can’t have male friends.  Trust is very important in a healthy relationship, and no one should ever feel controlled by their partner.

There also should not be the expectation that one of you always have to respond quickly to text messages, while the other does not have to.  It’s a complete double standard, and it’s not fair. We can’t always reply right away, and that’s fine.

And when it comes to commenting on your partner appearance in a negative way, nobody of any gender should be doing it. Females often make fun of their partner’s clothing choice, but we most certainly wouldn’t appreciate hearing it back. Well, once again – that’s a double standard.

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