Dressing For Your Body Shape
February 1, 2022
Laura Lee

Choosing clothes is not just about the latest trends and keeping up with the latest season’s style. Rather, it’s about being able to find the clothes that most flatter your body type. Even the chicest outfit can fall flat if the clothes don’t flatter the shape of your body. Dressing to fit your body type can elevate the look of your whole wardrobe and more importantly, highlight your best features.

Everyone has a different body type, and it’s important to identify which one you have before trying to dress the part. We’ll address four basic female body types, and give tips and suggestions for each one. An hourglass figure can also be described as curvy, with hips and bust in proportion, and well-defined waists. Open or V-necklines will be most flattering, with clinched-in waistlines to accentuate your best assets. Try to avoid shapeless dresses and oversized clothing. Pear or triangle-shaped bodies typically have wider hips and thighs in proportion to the upper body. To balance this out, those of you with this figure should opt for clothing that will add more volume to the upper half of your body. Strapless tops, detailed busts, and puffy sleeves can all help create a balancing effect. Avoid wearing curve-hugging fabrics and full poofy skirts.

Getty Images/ImageSource/Kris Ubach and Quim Roser

Athletic body shapes have a rectangular look with broader shoulders and less well-defined waists. The way to dress for this body type is to try and create an hourglass effect. Try to avoid short hemlines and strapless dresses, but rather go for thick straps and draping necklines to make your body look curvier. A dress with a cinched midsection will help create a feminine shape. The final common body shape is the apple/round figure, where most of the weight is carried in the midsection. Avoid anything with horizontal lines and fitted tops, and try to aim for drop-waist dresses or embellished tops. Clothes that will focus on your bust and legs can include empire cuts and wrap styles, as well as low and wide necklines. Fuller skirts and off-the-shoulder cuts will help to emphasize your best assets.

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