Drinks For Glowing Skin
June 19, 2022
Jade Kerr

Summer calls for cool drinks that are known to rejuvenate your skin and make your skin feel so much better and fuller. Many people go for expensive spa dates and spend extra amounts of money on skincare, however, they don’t realize that real beauty comes from consuming healthy food. This article will tell you about fruits and vegetables that give a very pure yet subtle glow to your skin.

Very healthy fruit for your skin can be cucumbers. Try incorporating it as much into your drinks as you can. The best way to combat dullness is by ensuring that you drink healthy drinks such as cucumber and ginger. Blend one cucumber with some ginger juice and water. Serve chilled. You can also add some honey to give it a sweetened taste. Also, you could add in some cinnamon to give it a certain spicy taste. Another unique but very healthy juice option is the bitter gourd drink. Sounds disgusting, yes but is so beneficial for your skin and hair. Greek women used to have this daily to improve their complexion and ensure that their skin is glowing.

Getty Images/Westend61

The recipe for this magic is to chop the bitter gourd into tiny cubes and blend it with some pumpkin slices. Pumpkin balances the bitter guard flavor. Add in your ice and serve chilled. You could even add cucumber for a fresher taste. You all would have known the benefits of ABC juice. The blend makes it of apple, beetroot, and carrots. They are all blended together to give you one of the healthiest drinks out there. Add in some mint leaves for added flavor. The ABC juice not only is extremely healthy but is also delicious. It has been making rounds all over social media for a while now.

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