Easy-To-Miss COVID-19 Symptoms
November 29, 2020
Laura Lee

By now, most of us have learned about the most definite symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, couching, and loss of smell and taste. So not only is it dangerously easy to catch or spread the novel coronavirus, but it is also getting surprisingly difficult to tell if you have it based on your symptoms. In fact, it’s so similar to what you might feel with seasonal allergies or the flu that it can be downright impossible to confirm without a COVID test. However, according to research, some very easy-to-miss symptoms could be telling you that you have come down with coronavirus very early on. These seemingly innocent ailments could be important initial warnings that you’ve caught coronavirus – and they have nothing to do with your lungs, Express Daily reports.


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The first symptom on the list is stomach ache. Depending on how sensitive your digestive tract is, stomach pains may be something you could easily overlook as a relatively normal occurrence. However, those infected from coronavirus can exhibit digestive issues ranging from severe, such as vomiting and diarrhea, down to simple aches, which could be not so easy to notice. According to one study published in the journal Gastroenterology in April, 32 percent of a set of coronavirus patients exhibited stomach problems, with a majority describing them as mild.


The next symptom is Eye infections. If you notice your eye is irritated, it could be another sign that the coronavirus is already in your body. A study published in JAMA Ophthalmology found that conditions such as chemosis (swelling of the clear membrane of the eye) and epiphora (excessive tearing) had been observed in more than 30 percent of patients in a Chinese hospital, Healthline reports. The last symptom that you might overlook is fatigue. Feeling groggy or tired is common these days amid the pressures of life in a pandemic, but it’s also a symptom of the virus itself. According to a research letter published in JAMA in April, 68.3 percent of COVID-19 patients reported fatigue as a “main” symptom of the disease. Please look out for yourself and make sure to monitor your symptoms and condition.


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