Embracing Change
June 19, 2018
Claire Miles

Change is inevitable. There’s no avoiding it, no matter how hard we try. Maybe, just maybe if we do succeed to stay in the same place our entire lives, we can manage to stay with very little change, but I can sure promise you that life will be a lot less exciting and adventurous than it has the potential to be.  Life is about change and enjoying the journey while adapting to it. Travel the world, move to a new country, get a new boyfriend, change careers, dye your hair pink. Do whatever the heck your heart desires!

Change can sure be scary, that everything that we know, love and feel comfortable with may not be completely the same, but that’s the whole beauty. Just because it’s unknown, it really doesn’t mean it’s bad. It may even be a whole lot better than what we had before. And what are you so afraid of anyway?

Changes mean different things from person to person. When I graduated high school, for example, I was devastated. I felt lost and broken. I believed they were the best years of my life.

I no longer had the same tight group of friends with me every day, everyone went on a different path and I no longer felt connected with the new people at college. I was just a student ID number now, whereas before I was every teacher’s pet and they knew intimate details of my personal life. No one knew who I was. I was no longer part of every single extracurricular activity and was no longer the star of the basketball team. In fact, I didn’t even make the cuts to be on the team itself. I was no longer getting good grades, I was seriously struggling to be out there, in the big world, with all these new changes. I wished that I could back to high school forever.

And yeah, of course, I went through a seriously rough time until I figured things out and found myself, but now I could not be more grateful to be at a new stage in my life. I look back on my high school days, and you couldn’t pay me to go back.  Sure, it was good for it was, but I am so thankful for the changes that life has thrown at me. Graduating high school is really only one of many, many examples where I struggled to accept changes.

My only regret? Is not embracing the change at first and seeing the good in it. Too much of my precious time was wasted on holding onto the past.  People die, people break up, people grow up, people change, life changes, and it’s not within our control. The only thing that is? To embrace it to its fullest.

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