Endings Are Always Beginnings
July 13, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Goodbye’s are unavoidable, inevitable, are bound to happen. Everything in life comes and go, most especially when it comes to people in our lives. The one difference? Everyone stays for a different amount of time, whether it be a year, a week, a year, a decade…

It’s crazy how sometimes the people we cherish the most in our lives are the first to leave. But I try to truly believe every day that it’s ok. It’s normal to be left alone, even when you know you tried your very best.

It doesn’t mean it’s easy. Every single goodbye is a complete heartache, leaving us all questioning our self-worth and what we really ever meant to them.  We ask ourselves how it could possibly have been so easy for them to leave us, and why they aren’t going to come back to us.

Of course it hurts, it hurts like hell. But you need to always remember that this shouldn’t get in your way of continuing to live your life and being happy.  Know that with all endings, comes new beginnings.

Everything happens for a reason. Even if it’s hard to see right now, the universe will reveal it’s plan for you soon enough. Take a close look around you. The people who really matter in life never left your side.

So I promise, you will move on, no matter how long it takes. Stop wasting your time trying to create the perfect story. Let your fairy tale write itself.

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