Essential Hygiene Tips to Follow Right Now
April 19, 2020
Laura Lee

The Coronavirus outbreak caused almost everyone to be more conscious about hygiene and what sort of germs and viral detritus they are traipsing into their home after spending time outside. After all, no one wants to bring unwanted germs back home with them. However, there is no need to add some extra panic in these tense times. So, what are the best ways to keep your living space safe and virus-free? Well, here are some crucial hygiene tips to follow right now.

Getty Images/ DigitalVision/ Image Source

1) Leave your shoes outside of your house.

There may be no dirtier wardrobe item than our shoes. While contacting the COVID-19 virus through our shoes seems like a long shot, there’s no such thing as being too careful at times like these. Taling to HuffPost, emergency physician Cwanza Pinckney, MD, said: “The sole of the shoe is the breeding ground of more bacteria and fungi and viruses than the upper part of a shoe.”

Getty Image/ Moment/ Catherine Falls Commercial

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