Every Woman In A Relationship Should Do This
July 27, 2018
Claire Miles

Prior to meeting my boyfriend, I would love to go out to cafes by myself. I was proud of myself, and it was both relaxing and kind of empowering. I liked to know that I could be totally fine with just myself, I didn’t need anyone else to dine. I knew what I wanted.

Unfortunately, many women forget what alone time is when they enter a relationship.  A relationship can take up all of our time, all of our attention that we forget about who we really are, who we were before we met our partner.

Well, being a good partner not only means taking care of the other person, but it also means taking care of ourselves, and the best way to do that is to connect with ourselves.

Table for one please!

Take yourself out to dinner, bring a book that you’ve always been wanting to read but haven’t had the time,  or bring a notebook and start writing away whatever is on your heart.

Order something delicious, close your eyes, eat slowly and savor every single bite. For once you don’t have to worry about talking as you eat.

Have a drink, taste some fine wine, it will also make you more comfortable about solo-dining.  Start up a conversation with your waiter, it’s truly an art to make small time with a stranger.

Make sure you don’t sit at the bar, by sitting down at a real table is shows that you are here to be by yourself.  We promise, it will help you reconnect with yourself.

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