Everything in Moderation
January 20, 2022
Laura Lee

Staying healthy is more than just keeping an eye on food. It encompasses a wider range of things including exercise, regular medical checkups, our habits, and of course, mental health. A good rule of thumb when trying to keep it all in check is ‘everything in moderation, and we mean everything. When it comes to food, we tend to cut out things that are ‘unhealthy’ in a bid to eat better.

We all know that alcohol has a high-calorie content, and that chocolate is addictive, yet studies have shown that dark chocolate releases endorphins and that red wine can help lower risks of certain diseases. Rather than cutting these things out, a far better approach would be to have them in small amounts. The same goes for things that are deemed as ‘healthy’ such as water. That’s right, even too much water is bad for you, your blood can become diluted which can be potentially life-threatening. Exercise is extremely important and helps keep us fit and reduce the risk for many diseases. However, once again, this should be taken with a pinch of salt, excessive exercising could lead to injury. Rest is super important for your body, as it provides it with a chance to repair and strengthen our body for the next exercise session. Just like taking some time for yourself, away from people, can help you recharge and gain energy for your next social encounter.

Getty Images/Moment/Catherine Falls Commerical

Believe it or not, stress is also beneficial in moderation, both physically and mentally. There are studies showing how intermittent fasting can be beneficial for the body – this is a form of physical stress. While excessive stress is unhealthy and can cause many problems, minimal stress, e.g. the pressure before a deadline, helps us to push hard and achieve the things we want. In the same way that someone with 50 cats might be referred to as a ‘crazy cat lady’, but it’s perfectly acceptable to have a few pet cats, so too, most things in life follow the same pattern. Whether it’s about one of your relationships, a work issue that you’re struggling with, or simply whether or not to treat yourself to dessert, try and work out if it’s excessive or not. If it’s not, then it’ll probably benefit you in the long run.

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