Everything Is Good In The Right Portion
September 26, 2019
Alexandra Wade

When I was young, my mother used to tell me that everything is good in the right portion. Back then, I associated it with food, mainly because my mother used to say this sentence when I wanted another snack or sweet. However, talking about it now in this forum, I don’t mean to associate it with food.

See, as I grew older, I realized that this sentence could reflect on many other aspects of life. Take friendships for example – while there are people we wish to see very often and at large portions, others we wish to see as least as possible. I can testify that I have a friend that I need to see once a week max. Otherwise, I will have an overload of her and will waste time that I could have spent doing something I would actually enjoy.

You can see it in romantic relationships as well. I am not talking only about the frequency in which we see the other person, but also our behaviors. In relationships, it is very important to maintain a healthy balance. That is why being affectionate or distance in extreme portions could be very damaging to a relationship. Of course, it is not limited to only these two behaviors alone, but many others as well.

By now, you can probably see how this saying can reflect on so many aspects of our lives. This is why I think remembring and using it as a learning tool can be very helpful in the long run. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting you shouldn’t be yourself or act as you feel because you fear it is too much or too little. What I’m trying to say is this is something we should take into account and remember.

If you find yourself not enjoying the company of your friend, see if it is because of how much you see each other. If you miss someone terribly, see them more. If you feel strangled by your loved one, maybe search for new hobbies or things to do apart.

While we need to be attentive to our feelings and desires, we have to do the same with others, to see when do we cross the line.

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