Ex Says He Wants Me To Be Happy
March 11, 2020
Alexandra Wade

Recently, I got out of a loving relationship. The break up took me by surprise, as no signs were indicating it. Thought it was a couple of months ago, I still receive some of his mail. So, I reached out to him about it. Unfourenetly, he interpreted it wrong, thinking I want to reconnect with him. He thought it was the case, so he kept texting me.

When I cut it short after a few hours,  my ex signed off by sating: “I just want you to be happy.” That comment took me by surprise and completely threw me off my game. See, I wasn’t the one who initiated the breakup, and I never really received a real explanation for it. He made me happy but then chose not to.

His saying didn’t escape my mind. Does this mean he wants me back? Does this mean he regrets breaking up with me? Even though I am in a different relationship with a man I love very much, I still can’t help but wonder what if. I loved him, and some part of me still does, as I never received real closure.

Am I overthinking this? Am I interpreting it wrong? I don’t understand why he had to mess with my mind like that? Why is it that now, when it’s too late, he suddenly cares for my happiness?

I want to be happy, and I was until now. So why is it that I don’t feel happy as I used to? If you want me to be happy, maybe you should consider letting me go.

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