Exercises For Your Hands
September 24, 2022
Andrew Parker

When it comes to exercise many people think that all you can do is exercise your body. Although exercising your body is important for your overall health, you should also exercise your hands. Yes, that’s right, you should be exercising your hands. It may sound a bit strange but it is true. Exercising your hands every day allows you to retain mobility. But that’s not all, if you spend your entire day typing away on your laptop or cell phone, chances are you have faced a few hand cramps. This is where hand exercises come in. Take a look at the benefits of hand exercises and how you can do them.

You may not have noticed but you use your hands more than you think. For example, you use your hands went you brush your teeth in the morning, when you make breakfast and coffee when you get ready for the day, and even more when you are working. See you do use your hands more than you think. With that said, you need your hands to be at top performance at all times. Now, you may be working on your physical fitness which is great. But you also need to pay attention to your hands. You see if you don’t you could face things like arthritis and carpal tunnel both of which can be extremely painful.

Getty Images/Moment/athima tongloom

So where do you start? Well firstly, try to not crack your knuckles. Cracking your knuckles may seem like a good idea because it releases some tension but it can actually harm you in the long run. You can start by simply making a fist and opening your hand while stretching your fingers. It may seem like nothing at first but you will start to feel the stretch after you do it a few times. Next, you want to rotate your wrists clockwise and anticlockwise. This will help with stiffness. There are a few more hand exercises that you can explore.

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