Face Massage Techniques That Help Reduce Inflammation
April 25, 2023
Alexandra Wade

Many techniques are available to reduce inflammation and puffiness around your eyes, cheeks, jawbone, etc. Most people use a Gua Sha for facial massages, but you can use most massagers or rollers, such as a facial ball, rolling pin, hair brush, or even your fingers. Applying pressure on specific areas and holding the position for a few seconds increases the blood flow under the skin, thus decreasing the swelling and puffiness (reducing fluid in the tissue that causes a swollen appearance).

Getty images/Moment/ Maria Korneeva

These techniques help relieve tension from the facial muscles by stimulating lymphatic vessels. If you don’t have a Gua Sha on hand or don’t want to spend money buying one, use your fingers instead. Massage immediately after applying your moisturizer so the serum can penetrate into the skin more efficiently, allowing it to feel supple and moisturized afterward. However, this natural glow demands patience, so it is recommended that you do it gently so as not to damage your skin. Starting off with the eyes, place the index finger on your forehead and tip the head back so that the fingers lay right above the eyebrows. Gently massage the skin using small circular movements around the eye area in a clockwise direction for about two minutes. Move on to using the knuckles of the finger to apply pressure to your under eyes in a circular motion for two minutes.

Next, place the tip of the middle finger under the cheekbone and the thumb on the outer corner of the mouth. Now, drag in a curve towards the direction of your ear. Apply gentle pressure for a few minutes to help drain excess fluids from the face and continue next with the ring finger underneath the chin and drag it towards the ear again. Finally, glide the palm of the hand across the jawline in a downward motion to prevent water retention and reduce the appearance of puffiness. Repeat these steps two or three times a day for the best results.

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