Facial Popsicles
August 17, 2018
Laura Lee

When it comes to summer skincare, many of us can get rather lazy and just hope to get a perfect tan without suffering any of the effects of wrinkling later on, or skin cancer.  We too often live in the mindset that we are invincible, especially so at a younger age.

Well, this new super cool product has just been added to the market and it should be added to all of your summer skincare routines. It’s facial popsicles. Never heard of it?

Don’t worry, most people haven’t.  But they might just provide benefits that are worth the extra effort for your complexion, and also are the most cost-friendly option since they can made in the comfort of your own home with natural ingredients.

Before you get started, keep in mind that you should make these with distilled water due to its neutral pH. Tap water is hard water and has a high mineral count, which can disturb your skins pH level and can worsen your skin, which is the exact opposite of what were aiming for.

Some ideas for Facial Popsicles include a Charcoal Smoothie made with organic greek yogurt (4 teaspoons) and activated charcoal (3 tablespoons). This recipe will offer an exfoliating detox, since Greek yogurt is high in lactic acid which will peel away any pollutants.  Charcoal draws bacteria and toxins out of the skin for a seriously deep clean. Rub the popsicle over your skin and let it sit for about 15 minutes.
Another combination is 1/4 cup of cucumber water and 3 teaspoons of organic ground tumeric. This one is perfect if your skin is inflamed and needs to be calmed down. Tumeric contains anti- inflammatory properties that soothe redness.
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