Facing Danger
June 26, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

When it comes to love, I’m the type to play it safe. Having been hurt multiple times in the past, I am afraid of putting myself out there in the way I did in the past. But, from the moment I met you, something in me changed. It wasn’t something that happened straight away, but gradually. Over time, I opened up to you, I let my guards down, without even realizing it. How did you do this to me? And more importantly, how did I let you?

via Pexels

It’s not that I’m not happy that this happened, because I am. I believe that for a relationship to work, both sides have to be willing to be vulnerable and open with each other. Still, I can’t turn off that part in me that is scared of what could happen. I can’t get enough of you. I care for you, and I put everything that I have on the line with you. I feel safe and secure around you, and that frightens me. It feels dangerous. I am putting myself out there, I am baring myself for you, and you could hurt me in a second. I trust and love you full-heartedly, and it could backfire so quickly, as it has before.

Putting all my trust in you is dangerous. Putting my all in us is dangerous. And yet, I do it.¬†After being so guarded and careful for all these years, you showed up and destroyed everything. My heart was dark, and you brought the light back. What we have going on is so good that it helps me leave the past behind, where it should have been all this time. In years, you’re the only one that managed to get me to open up and let my guards down. Or love could be dangerous, but as long as I have you by my side, it doesn’t worry me.

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