Fall In Love With Yourself
June 17, 2018
Claire Miles

We’re all always looking to fall in love, so was I, more than anything. It’s what we believe to be life’s greatest gift. We hope, dream, pray, and look everywhere possible to find love, whether it be in bars, apps, or through setups. We think that everywhere we turn is an opportunity to meet the love of our lives. But there’s something a lot of us, most of us in fact, are missing, and it’s right in front of us. Where is your prince charming hiding then?

News flash, he’s not hiding, but you’re hiding from yourself. The greatest love is the one we have for ourselves. And without that, we can never really truly love someone else, or be loved in return.  We need to fall in love with ourselves in order to be completely whole as a person, and to be ready for a relationship.

This might sound like a bizarre concept, but it truly is the most beautiful and empowering place to reach. It doesn’t always come naturally. It takes time, dedication, and self-awareness.  Being aware of our insecurities can help us better address our issues at hand, and then tackle them, whether it be through self-talk, therapy or gaining support from family and friends.

We need to accept our flaws and fears, look at ourselves in the mirror, and remind ourselves why we are so beautiful, amazing and worthy.  We need to do things that make us feel good, that bring us up, that make us laugh and smile so hard that it hurts. We need to stop worrying so much about what we appear to others, and embrace every aspect of ourselves, because that’s what makes us who we are.

It is important for us to invest in ourselves in the same way that we would want to invest in our relationship. Take yourself out for a fancy dinner, go get a massage, take yourself to Hawaii, frame your picture on the wall, compliment yourself.  You might just discover how fun it is to be with you, and learn that you never have to dependent on another person for your happiness.

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