Fashion To Fight Discrimination
April 24, 2018
Penelope Trent

Many children of immigrants are first. The first to go to college in their family. The first to start their own business. The first to experience what they call the American Dream.

Well for Weleh Dennis and Daniel Buezo, their clothing line based out of Los Angeles, Kids of Immigrants represents an entire three generations of Americans.  They’ve reclaimed the pride that immigrants have from their unique experiences.

These talented and inspiring designers have decided on positivity as well as communal support through fashion. Their goal is to create a place that both unites and embraces individuality.  According to the designers, while we are all different and special in our ways, we are all equal.

The Kids of Immigrants social media pages are filled with pictures of the epitome of the trendy downtown youth and are modeled by average people, rather than the standard runway models we always see.

Their diverse models rock oversized hoodies, inspiring t-shirts with unique messages and denim jackets.  The two designers launched their brand in 2016 and wanted to create something that represented their historical past.  Daniel’s parents immigrated from Honduras, and Weleh’s parents are from Liberia. They are both very proud of their identities as well as to be American.

They both have experience working in the fashion world and started out with a DIY line. They would cut pieces together from thrift stores in order to tell a story.  Kids of Immigrants have made it their mission to give back to their communities and always stay true to their roots. They have already worked together with many nonprofit organizations in LA, and have spoken at job fairs, speaking to eager students about how to get into the industry.

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