Fashion Week Trends You Should Know
July 6, 2023
Ariella Jacobs

Haute couture fashion weeks such as the Paris Fashion Week and the Milan Fashion Week are the most awaited events in the fashion industry as they showcase innovations and constantly push the boundaries of fashion. Audiences and brands see these fashion shows as their guiding light for new collections as trends originate from contemporary and inventive contraptions. We look at some trendy items to look out for this year so you can expand your wardrobe into something chic. Following these trends will surely set you apart from everyone in a good way!

The spring 2023 Paris showcase marked the return of both unusual trends and well loved fashion pieces. Decorative and sometimes outrageous belts are a staple at fashion shows often used to make a statement. These belts were featured at the Rokh show as they were adorned for every other purpose than their actual one. Another trend that picks up pace every year, surviving decades of innovation, designer denims took the stage once again this year in Paris. High end luxury designers like Givenchy featured denim wear in their esteemed collections.

 Leah Abbott attends the Raf Simons catwalk

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ David M. Benett

Mini bags have also reappeared in the fashion scene amidst trends gravitating towards larger variations. Both Stella McCartney and industry veteran Chanel included these in their shows. Metallics are having a moment this season as they were standout features of numerous shows including Balmain’s. Metallics can be used in a myriad of versatile ways including bronze and silver dresses, skirts and suits. Departing from clothing articles and diving into physical appearance and overall aesthetic, the fringe hairstyle dominated the majority of fashion week shows, giving models a fierce and daring look. A trend that never seems to die out and was reinforced this year at the Paris Fashion Week was that of cargo pants. They appeared in varying lengths and pleasing pastel colors on the runway.

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