Feeling Ungrateful
July 13, 2023
Rebecca Rodriguez

You have everything you could ever want or need but you still don’t feel happy. It’s okay. It’s normal to feel like that. Everybody feels like that once in a while. Sometimes it’s okay to even not do anything about it. You don’t have to constantly fix things in your life. What’s the harm in taking a break and just doing nothing? Some people are earning, have a good job culture, a good family environment, and good friends but still feel incomplete. Some people call them ungrateful. We don’t think that’s being ungrateful. Maybe they have been doing so much constantly and they just need a break from life to realize their significance in every aspect of life.

Getty Images/ ONOKY/ Eric Audras

It’s difficult to see your importance in other people’s lives if you are constantly working and not self-reflecting. You need to understand that’s okay and normal as well. You can do something about it when you feel slightly better or are ready to make a change. Ideally, don’t continue doing the same things for ages because your life tends to become monotonous and you forget the real joys in your life. When you feel better, you can write about all the things you have done that you are proud of, your achievements, and things you did that made you feel happy. That task or achievement doesn’t have to be big or grand; it can be anything that makes you feel happy or positive about yourself. Revisit this list when you think you aren’t doing much or being ungrateful. This will remind you of all the amazing things you have done and believe in.

We think getting a good job, and a happy family and friends is our end goal but it’s not. This might just be the beginning but because of our societal norms, we are made to believe that we aren’t doing much and need to do more every single day. It’s okay to do nothing and take a break every once in a while.

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