Finding Your Confidence
September 13, 2022
Laura Lee

Do you ever look at someone in admiration and wonder how they are able to do the things they do? What you may not know is that most things simply require you to be confident. Yes, you may need some skills and experience from time to time but you also need confidence. Without confidence, you will notice that you are scared and can even fade into the background when in a group setting. Now confidence doesn’t mean that you are rude, full of yourself, or disrespectful. It simply means that you believe in yourself and your capabilities. Explore how you can find your confidence.

Being confident can seem a lot easier said than done. You aren’t wrong for thinking this. Unfortunately, everyone isn’t born with the confidence to take over the world and you may be one of those people. But you should know that it doesn’t mean that you can find your confidence. That’s right, it might be a bit of a process but it can still be done. The first step to finding your confidence would be to let go of the opinions of others. This may be the first step but it is also the hardest step. We often care so much about what others think that we second-guess ourselves.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Flashpop

Yes, this is simply human nature but it is also holding you back. Caring about what others think is normal, especially in a formal setting like work. But you shouldn’t allow it to make you doubt yourself. You need to be comfortable and happy with whatever you do first and the opinions of others should come second. Next, you need a good support system. A good support system will remind you of who you are and what you are good at when you start doubting yourself. Lastly, you really need to be easy on yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, you aren’t in a race.

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