Finding Your Field
September 17, 2019
Laura Lee

I am a big believer in exercising. However, it took me a while to really love it. A lot of my friends often complain to me that it takes so much out of them to even get out and exercise. You see, there is a huge variety of exercises for you to explore out there, you just need to identify the right one.

I tried all kinds of activities when I was younger but was never able to enjoy myself. I took dancing lessons, gymnastics, swimming, and football, to name a few. Yet, none of them ever clicked for me. I was convinced I could never find an activity that could suit me and bring me joy.

I’ve mentioned it here a lot in the past, but I was never really comfortable with my body, and I have done some serious damage to it. Only after a few years I was able to forgive myself and started working on achieving a healthy body. To do that, I went back to the fitness scene. I decided to not give up like I did in my past, and started looking for an exercise I would actually enjoy doing.

It wasn’t easy. I tried a lot of different activities before I found the one that changed it all for me – tennis. I don’t know how I missed this growing up, but tennis really suited me. I love the game and enjoy playing it. I joined a group that practices twice a week during the evening. It was everything I wanted and needed, and I couldn’t believe I had slept on tennis for so long.

As of now, I still play and love tennis. I also discovered a love for pilates, which I also still practice today. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you find yourself resenting the activity you do, you probably haven’t found the right one yet. Go out there and explore the different fields until you’ll find the one that is truly right for you. Trust me, It’ll be worth it.

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