First Date Non-Verbal Communication Clues
October 8, 2021
Ariella Jacobs

Most of the ways humans interact with one another are communicated through non-verbal body language signals. By paying close attention to non-verbal cues you can detect how comfortable someone feels around you. This knowledge can come in handy especially in the context of a date when you’re trying to decipher if a potential partner is a good suit.

The most obvious non-verbal cue is touch. If your date is looking for excuses to touch you like brushing a strand of hair away from your face or placing their hand on the small of your back, this is definitely a strong sign of interest. Another sign is being able to hold eye contact. If you find your date getting lost admiring you as you speak that’s a sure-fire sign they are attracted to you.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Flashpop

Humans tend to mimic the facial expressions of those they like in order to build empathy and connection. If you notice your date is very agreeable with the things you say, laughing and nodding at your stories then you can rest assured they are attentive and engaged in the interaction.

The scenario of a date can be understandably nerve-racking, you may be thinking about how you’re coming across or what to say to impress. We are here to ease your stress because it isn’t much about what you say or do, it’s more about the general aura of the interaction. Remain calm and smile, listen to the person in front of you with no expectation. Understand that your date is a human being with similar thoughts and feelings as you. There is no need to rush to get in all the details of your life on the first go, keep a sense of mystery and learn about them slowly if you are interested in them.

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