Focus on Today
April 18, 2020
Claire Miles

We are living in a scary time. Everything around us is changing, and the world may never be the same. The future right now is scary and unknown, even more than it was before. So, when you’re scared about the future, remind yourself that there is no way to know what tomorrow might bring. You can never predict the right move, or be one-hundred percent sure you are making the right decision. I always feared the future; I Was indecisive because I feared to make the wrong decision, only to discover that my first instinct was usually the right one. This is why I believe that the right thing to do now is to listen to our hearts. You need to choose the path that will make you happiest because the path you believe is the safest might not be safe after all.

When you are scared about the future, focus on the now. The present is the only thing we can control. You can make good choices today that will affect your success tomorrow. Take little steps toward completing your goals. Take even a few minutes in the day, it may not seem much, but all the effort you put in will add up and pay off. But you must stay consistent, you must pour your heart and soul into it, or it won’t happen. You can’t afford to slack off our keep on postponing. You can’t wait until tomorrow to start something you should have completed yesterday.

When you’re scared about the future, take a look back at your past. Look at everything you survived. The mistakes, the embarrassing moments, the lows, and the highs. You went through it all and came out on the other side. You had it in you to endure it in the past, and you’ll have it in you to endure it in the future. Let me clarity; you shouldn’t be paranoid about what’s around the corner, constantly looking behind your shoulder. There could be something great right outside of your reach. So you must keep going, don’t lose faith. Also, remember you aren’t the only one with those types of feelings. No one knows what’s to come, even if they act like they have it all figured out. And when encountering this type of people, don’t compare yourself to the. Each of you is walking in their path. When you’re feeling scared about the future, focus on today. You need to focus on what you can be doing to better yourself right now.

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