Foods That Make You Happy Are Nutritious & Delicious
September 4, 2018
Laura Lee
If you’re like most people, then you probably just grab whatever is fastest and easiest when you’re feeling hungry, without paying attention really to what’s in it and to the nutritional value.  But when your body lacks the essential vitamins and nutrients that it needs.
The foods that make you happy aren’t just the ones that make your mouth mater, but also the ones that are filled with the stuff your body really needs. Hard to believe, right? But a recent study is here to back that up.
The study found a link between poor mental well-being and nutritional deficiencies.  So if you’ve been feeling kind of down lately and can’t figure out why, maybe it’s time to try adding some new and nourishing foods to your diet.
Fresh salmon is always a great option. This beautiful pink fish is wonderful for your health and is full of brain boosting vitamins.  It’s also rich in vitamin D, which is vital for your emotional well-being.  So go ahead and make yourself a delicious salmon dinner and get an emotional boost while doing it.
Purple and blue foods have also been found to be great for your body and for your brain, as well as your cognitive health. They also are totally photogenic, which is always a mood pleaser.
Tumeric is a warming spice that has become popular through golden milk lattes. Not only is it super trendy nowadays, but it’s also a wonderful way to support your mental health in a flavorful way. Cucumin, found in tumeric can serve as a powerful antidepressant, and it’s completely natural.
And most importantly, just eat whatever your heart desires.  Your cravings have actually been proven to be linked to your nutritional deficiencies. So listen to your body, and it will thank you. Staying healthy and feeling good doesn’t always have to mean being restrictive.
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