For All The Women That Dealt With An Abusive Relationship
June 10, 2018
Alexandra Wade

You were hurt by an abusive relationship? Well, this is for you, Yes, you. The innocent soul whose been broken and battered. Your wounds might not be visible, but they are even more devastating, and much harder to heal than the physical ones.

Please, just, please, promise me that you always, always, no matter what remember your worth and your important purpose here in this world.  It’s more than alright to leave those who are not good for you. And it’s alright to not be ok. It’s more than ok to take some time for yourself and rebuild yourself.

Savor all of the beauty you have, no matter what your current status might be. Be a stronger fighter in a world that makes us believe that were only worthy if a man decides so. Inspire everyone around you with how you love and care for yourself, and let the judgement and negativity of others just melt away.  Be the strong warrior woman that you really are.

Appreciate the mere sound of your heartbreak, be thankful that you are alive and have such a meaningful life.  Learn to fly, rather than crawling around those that want to cut your wings off.

I really hope, that from the bottom of my heart, that you get to live the life of your dream. You really deserve it.  I hope that you rise above your fears, and never forget how powerful you are. You did not enter the earth to be abused or feel ashamed to be you. You deserve to be loved more anything.

You were not put on this planet to be mistreated or to feel ashamed about shining brightly. You deserve to be visible in owning all of your gifts. You deserve to be loved so deeply, cherished so unequivocally.

I hope you know that you’re a masterpiece in human form and you never deserved to be molded by those who wanted to butcher the art of your divinity.

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