Friends With An Ex-Lover
December 6, 2018
Ariella Jacobs

Your relationship is over.  You’ve fought for it long and hard enough. You’ve tried to resolve the issues and make it work, but it’s done. You both know that it your hearts.

Even though neither of you were ever abusive or manipulative, never betrayed each other, it just isn’t working. The time has come to move on. For whatever reason it may be, your relationship is no longer going to work.  But what now? Where does this leave you?

We are always told to walk away, and cut off all ties with this person, to move on. As though this person, our former partner, never existed at all. The person that we loved with all of our hearts, that we shared all of our precious treasures with, and all of our time with. They just never existed? How is that even possible?

Would that be a mistake? Genuine friendships are hard to come by, as is true connection. You don’t need to turn your back on a good thing just because it’s hard. No one understands you better than those that love you. It’s such a precious thing to love.

Maybe, just maybe, one day, you can be friends. Eventually, it does get easier. Over time, lovers can learn to be just friends if they really want to.  Find the courage within yourself to keep an extraordinary friendship.  Learn to get over your bitterness. Allow yourself to be truly happy for your partner. It’s certainly a long journey, but you can get there.

A friendship doesn’t mean that you need to talk or hang out every day. It just means being there when they need you throughout their journey.  Don’t give up on something that’s worth holding onto.

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