Friendship Breakups
July 7, 2023
Alexandra Wade

People talk about relationship breakups all the time but we think friendship breakups are the least talked about. Aren’t they the worst? With relationships, it is relatively easy to move on and accept things as they are with the support of family and friends. But if your friendship ends, who do you go to for support? Friendship breakups might be the worst but they teach you a lot and make you immensely stronger as well. Old friendships don’t end in a single day; they are long due. You might see some indications before it which is why when it happens, you don’t process it in one go. It takes you a long time to process it, probably months or years in some cases.

Getty Images/ ONOKY/ Fabrice LEROUGE

There are different reasons for friendship breakups but always know that you don’t have to blame yourself because that won’t do you any good. Such breakups might make you feel alone which is why you need to learn to depend on yourself in the initial days. That might be depressing and difficult but if you can pass the initial days, then it might be relatively easy for you to process the hurt and disappointment later. It is easy to hate your ex-partner because of the ordeal they put you through. But with your best friend leaving you, it’s difficult to hate them.

They are the ones who have seen every side of you; sides that your family hasn’t seen either. Cherish all the time you spent with them and try not to remember them in a negative light because that will just ignite negative thoughts in your mind every single time.

There is not one single solution that can help you out. You need your wounds to heal and it’s okay if you can’t smile every day. Deal with the rough phase and give yourself the space to feel all the emotions rather than pretend everything is okay.

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