Fruits to Eat in Summer
July 23, 2023
Rachel Jones

During summer it can almost feel as though the sun is beating down on you. Now you already know that there are a few summer essentials. This includes staying hydrated and wearing sunscreen. Sunscreen is really important because it helps protect your skin from sun damage and well sunburn. Now because it is so hot during summer, you need to remember to stay hydrated. If you don’t ensure that you are sufficiently hydrated during summer, you could experience things such as heat stroke and dehydration. With that said there are fruits that you can eat to stay hydrated. Simply take a look.

Before we get into which fruits can help you stay hydrated during hot summers, there is one thing you should know. You should know that water is the best way to stay hydrated during high temperatures. With that said the fruits we are about to mention have a high water content which is why they are recommended to have during summer. If you love mangos then you will be pleased to know that they are the best fruit to eat during summer. You see not only are mangos sweet and tasty but they also contain a whopping 83% of water.

Getty Images/ Moment/ Claudia Totir

Now doesn’t that sound refreshing? But wait there are more fruits. You may not think it but even though they are small, blueberries are actually made up of 84% of water. That’s right, this is why you tend to feel full after eating a handful of them. Now if you are a lover of apples then you should know that only are they a great snack but apples are actually 86% water. If you are someone who enjoys citrus fruits such as pineapple then you are in luck. Pineapples consist of 86% of water. These are only a few of the fruits that will help you stay hydrated during the summer heat.

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