Full Face Or Natural Makeup
February 20, 2022
Claire Miles

When people say natural makeup it doesn’t really mean natural. It simply means doing a bit less than a full face. A full face of makeup means going the whole 9 yards. This includes contours, eyeshadow, base, and everything else in your makeup kit. So how do you really decide on which to go with when all you are trying to do is look pretty and feel cute? Well, that’s what we are here to discuss.

The first thing that comes to mind when deciding on a makeup look should be the occasion. Where are you going and why are you going to be there. With that comes how long you plan on having the makeup on. You see the longer you have the makeup on the more you’ll need to retouch it from time to time. So, where are you going? Is it a formal event filled with glitz and glamour where you’ll meet new people? Or is it just another day at the office or are you simply running a few errands?

Getty Images/Moment/Iryna Veklich

Let’s talk about formal events. The chances of you being photographed at a formal event are really high. This means your face has to be camera-ready and flash proof. A good way to ensure that you have both these bases covered is with a full face. Yes, we are going the whole 9 yards. Now you might have to spend some more time on your look and add those false lashes but it will definitely be worth it when you look at the pictures after.

If you simply plan on going into the office for the day or running a few errands, you don’t have to cake on the makeup. In this case, less is definitely enough. Remember you aren’t going to be out all day so you can get away with a medium coverage foundation, a little blush, and mascara. You read that right, you really don’t need all the extras. Now if you really have the time you can go ahead but if you don’t this is a great alternative.

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