Getting Into Running This Summer
July 8, 2018
Laura Lee

When it comes to toning your body (no, not only your legs!) and burning calories, running is without a doubt of the best possible things you can do.

For those of us that are new to running, it can seem pretty scary and challenging to get started. Well, that’s fine! We all started somewhere in everything we do in life. The first step is, well, starting!

Start with baby steps. Just like babies, who crawl before they walk. So before you run, try walking. It will help ease you into a running routine.  Once you feel ready, you can then try a run-walk-run method to help you increase your endurance.  Gradually, you will be able to run longer and longer.

Also, be sure to make sure you’ve got yourself a good pair of running shoes. The wrong shoes can lead to tons of injuries, which is never fun for anyone.  And since summer is here, make sure to always stay hydrated, drinking before your run, during your run, and of course, after.

It should be noted as well that warming up is super important. This does not mean stretching (that’s for after) Warm up by walking quickly for a few minutes or even running in place. It’ll get your blood flowing properly.

Try to vary up your routine, to not only avoid boredom but also running on the same surface too often can cause injuries.  Add some music to your routine, it serves as an unbeatable natural motivator during your run.

And most importantly, don’t forget to give yourself a break – it’s just as important as the running itself. If you’ve become addicted to the adrenaline rush, then try some yoga, stretching or cross-training exercises.  And of course – have fun!

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