Getting Out Of Your Funk
August 16, 2022
Claire Miles

Did you wake up this morning feeling demotivated and uninterested in things? Well, you might just be in a funk. Don’t worry, there is no reason to panic or to even worry. This happens from time to time. Everyone goes through it at some point in their life. With that said, knowing how to get out of your funk is essential. Although being in a fun is a normal part of life, it doesn’t mean that you should stay in it forever. Now we know that when you are in a funk, you may not know how to get out of it. But that’s why you are here. Take a look at a few tips on getting out of your funk.

Acknowledging that you are in a funk is the first and most important part of getting back your mojo. Being in denial will only make this process harder and longer. Once you know that you are in a funk then you will be able to start working on it. The first step to getting out of your funk is to create a new routine. Routines help us because there is stability in them. You may have gotten into a funk because your last routine just became boring and predictable. So try and create a new one, add things that you wouldn’t usually for some spontaneity.

Getty Images/Westend61

Next, you know that saying, fake it till you make it? Well, that’s exactly how you are going to break out of your funk. Sometimes you need to force yourself into doing things. This is especially important when you really don’t feel like doing much. Lastly, try exploring new things and new settings. Now you don’t have to go on an adventurous excursion. You can simply try going to new restaurants and locations. You may find it helpful to lean on your friends during this time as they can help bring you out of your funk.

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