Getting Things Done
July 2, 2019
Alexandra Wade

I’ve always been bad at being on time. My friends all know that if we hang out, they need to tell me 30 minutes before so that I actually arrive on time. I just don’t know how to use my time efficiently. I put things off and then they end up catching up with me at the worst time. Recently, I decided that I’ve had enough, I need to take action, this has to change. I have been working on my time management over the last few months and because I know I’m not the only one that has trouble with procrastination, I decided to put together a few methods that might help you too:

Take it step-by-step

Sometimes we put things off because they seem like too much to handle at the moment. Take a few minutes to separate the task down into manageable pieces. When you look at it in smaller chunks, the large tasks that seemed overwhelming suddenly seem more doable and easier to finish. If you think this is not enough to make you act, set calendar alerts for each task. This will keep you on the right track.

Just do it!

The Nike slogan couldn’t be more accurate! Sometimes the only thing that prevents us from doing something, is simply starting to it. Tell yourself: “It’s time to start!”, without making excuses. Don’t set up times you know you won’t be able to follow, just start, do the other things later on.

Make a list

Make a list of everything you need to do. This will organize all your thoughts and actions. However, there is a little secret. Put the most exhausting task at the top of the list. That way you will do the other items on the list to avoid doing the first, resulting in better productivity.

Make it count

Add value to your tasks. Think about how each assignment affects you in the longer run, such as your career? Your life? Giving and confirming the value of the tasks will give you just the right boost to get them done. If you feel like you can’t add value to your tasks, think of the opposite. What is the cost of not getting it done?

Put your name on the line

Take accountability for your actions! Assure someone you will get this task done by a certain time. This will give you the motivation to keep your word, and not let others know you failed.

Remove distractions

Remove everything that you know can distract you. Make sure they are out of sight and reach. Whether it’s a phone, a tablet, a game, or painting, put all the distractions as far away from you as you can.

Limit yourself

If you can’t keep the distractions away, and know you’ll end up on Instagram or some other app, limit the amount of time you spend using it. It will help you see how much time you have wasted, and get back on track.

Hope this helps you as much as it helped me. If it didn’t, don’t give up! There are many other methods to get you on track, it’s your mission to find the one that is most efficient for you.

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