Gigi Hadid Returns To Modeling
March 11, 2021
Penelope Trent

Rumors of the return of supermodel Gigi Hadid to the runway have been swirling for about a week before an official confirmation arrived. Last weekend, all that anticipation and patience paid off, and the excitement was definitely worth it, as Gigi Hadid returned to modeling from maternity leave more glorious than ever. Hadid made her highly anticipated comeback on the Versace runway, although it wasn’t precisely a runway, but rather a kind of deceptive dice maze. The supermodel made her return grand with two dramatic looks.

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Hadid’s first look concluded a black maxi dress combined with a shimmering monogram with hot platform heels, and for her second look, Hadid wore an ensemble that included a small top, black skirt, and a jacket with an unforgettable lining. These two looks were accompanied by Gigi’s long and straight hair, in a perfect reddish blonde shade that shone under a jeweled bandana, as well as stunning beauty work that focused mostly on electrifying blue eyeshadow.

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