The Girl Code
July 18, 2019
Claire Miles

I have been rewatching How I Met Your Mother recently. In the show, a character by the name of Barney Stinson keeps bringing up the Bro Code and has even written a book detailing all the roles. This got me thinking. What is the female equivalent? What is the Girl Code? So, I took the liberty to write some lessons that I have learned that I believe could form some rules on the Girl Code.

Never hate a woman you have never met. Judging another woman before you even met her is a no go. Always see and believe the best in women. We need to have each others’ backs.

Never go after a friend’s crush. Just don’t. Sisters before misters (also applies to the next rule).

Never date a friend’s ex. A friend’s ex is off-limits. But if it’s a unique situation, always ask for permission!

Never be cheap with your hand bands or your tampons. Help a friend in need. When you give you receive.

Never tell others secrets a friend trusted you with. There is nothing if there is not trust.

Never send/upload a picture she doesn’t permit. It’s disrespectful and rude. Don’t do to anyone what you wish others won’t do to you.

Never leave an intoxicated friend alone at a bar. Do I even need to explain this one? Never!

Never hold back when your friend is falling for a guy that will break her heart. Prevent her from the pain and the heartbreak. Protect her. If you are true friends, she can accept whatever you’ll say.

Never make a girl apologize for her feelings. We say sorry too much! Don’t contribute to that. Feelings are never something you need to apologize for.

Never steal your friend’s thunder. If that’s her time to shine, then she should shine. Whatever it is that happened to you can wait for another day.

Never ditch a friend post-breakup. Be there. She needs the support.

Never agree when a friend is belittling herself. Encourage her and remained her how amazing she is. Tell her she needs to stop, that life is too short for this.

Never treat other women with disrespect. Again, we need to support each other, to have each other backs. In addition, we need to change the awful stigma that women never support each other and can’t compliment one another. Don’t give men any ideas.

There are so many things that could go up there and make the Girl Code. Trust me, this is just the beginning. There is much more to add.

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