Good Things Take Time
August 6, 2022
Ariella Jacobs

When you really want something, waiting for it to happen can feel like forever. At this point, your patience runs out and all you want is to almost feed that internal need. Now even though being motivated for something, your level of motivation might not always be a good thing. You see, we often want things that require the help of others, and being impatient about them won’t really help you. You can’t expect the entire world to stop every time you want or even need something. This includes getting a new job or that new car. You have to remember that all good things do take time.

Yes, you have probably heard that saying before but it is true. When we want things, we instantly believe that what we want will either benefit us financially, romantically or even socially. Now, these benefits are great and they can greatly impact your life. So we see why you feel so motivated to have it. But instant gratification doesn’t always work out for the best. Yes, instant noodles are great, they are quick and tasty all at the same time. But unfortunately, life isn’t like a bowl of ramen noodles. Not everything you want can be done in under two minutes and give you satisfaction.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/The Good Brigade

Let’s use working out as an example. Before you even start working out, you already have a few goals that you want to achieve. You could want to lose some weight or even gain some muscle. The point is you know that you will need to work out in order to achieve these goals. Now we all know that going to the gym for one day and working out for 20 minutes isn’t going to make a difference in your appearance. It is simply impossible. Instead, you need to work towards the goals you have in mind. You see, all you need to do is remain patient, motivated, and focused even if it takes some time.

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