Guess It Was All In My Head
August 18, 2020
Alexandra Wade

You were the one that approached me. You were the one to initiate the conversation, the connection. So, as I believe most people would do to, I assumed you were interested in me. So, I went with it. I returned the affection. I played along. And, slowly, in the process, I started developing feelings towards you. I was on edge waiting for a text from you, and super excited to find out that I received one. Then, one day, something unexpected happened. Out of nowhere, you went silent. I sent you a message, finally offered another meeting for us to get to know each other better, but you never replied. You ghosted me, disappeared. What happened between when we met until now? Did I see something that wasn’t there? Have I completely misread our entire relationship?

via Pexels

After all, you were the one that started it all. You were the one who showed interest. So, where did you disappear? I started to develop feelings for you, started getting my hopes up about the future, and what we had, but you decided there was nothing there. You left me, us, with no explanation. You didn’t answer any of my texts or calls, blocked me from anywhere possible, erased everything about us. For a few days, I would check my phone obsessively, hoping to get a text or a call from you explaining why you disappeared for a bit. I didn’t want to give on us, didn’t want to let go of the image I had of you, and the plans I made in my mind. But that never happened. You left me all alone to deal with this confusion, with the rejection. You got my hopes up, made me believe that there is a possibility for something, only to crush it soon after. I thought that something was built between us, but I guess it was all in my head.

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