Halle Berry’s Workout Secrets
July 24, 2018
Laura Lee

Halle Berry has been engaging with her almost 3 million followers on Instagram by using their new question feature.  Together with her trainer, Peter Thomas they have been responding to questions about some of her best fitness secrets.

According to Berry, what keeps her motivated every day is her children. She wants to live long enough to meet her grandchildren, and wants to model what a healthy lifestyle means to her children.  She believes that parents have the biggest impact on their children.

Instead of using pre-workout powder, Berry actually uses a beet powder, claiming that it gives her a turbo boost and that she wouldn’t be able to live without it.

Getty Images/ Entertainment/ Frazer Harrison

For those that can’t afford a healthy diet plan, she suggests going to a farmers market, explaining that it’s also a great way to support the local farmers. If you go at the end of the day, you can usually get a reduced price, perhaps even for free.

She reveals that her favorite workout is any one that she gets to do with her trainer, that he makes every workout different and fun, and that she learns something new every time.  Halle does workouts five days a week, four days a week she does brutal training with John Wick for three to four hours at a time, and with Peter another three days a week. In five days, she does seven training sessions.

When asked how she maintains her curves but still manages to be toned, she explains that it has a lot to do with using your own body-weight.  She uses a lot of bands, and mostly body-weight. Halle does some cardio, but it’s always incorporated into her workouts.

She also reveals her favorite cheat food to be a big bag of Lays salt and vinegar potato chips.  We’ve all got our weak spot!

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